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We want to know what you like, or don't like, about our headphones. When / where do you use your headphones? Share your thoughts, share a photo, share a suggestion... we want it all!

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  • I am parent of 3 kids. We are constantly on the go, sporting games, road trips etc and with all 3 kids each playing their own game, show or music it can get noisy in the car. We have bought Beats, JBL and Sony. All of which have broken or died and they never seem to be covered under warranty. I am an owner of an IT consulting company so I would consider myself current on what good and new. So I did some research and found these headphones and am so glad I did. For more than half the price of the competitors these headphones are amazing! The noise cancelling is excellent and the kids can tune out before a big game or my daughter can watch a show while waiting for a game to begin. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a great pair of headphones but doesn’t want to pay some company for their over advertised name.

    Desiree G on
  • I use the noise cancelling feature to get me through noisy and crowded days. I’m autistic so I have super sensitive hearing which can make me feel overwhelmed and when I’m like that I’m uhh kind of cranky, and even being at an art exhibition is too loud for me, so they came in handy then. I always listen to my music if I’m out and about in the city, if not I just use them as noise cancelling headphones to get me through the crowds. I even wear them at the local IGA. I usually have them around my neck when seeing live bands because I want to put them back on as soon as I leave.
    I use them for gaming too. I love the crisp sound and hearing every sound I usually miss without them but I’m a bit disappointed I have to swap them over for a not as great headset that has a microphone when I need to use gamechat. The volume can get pretty loud when I listen to music but it’s not as loud when I game. I like to listen to my games extra loud.

    I never leave the house without them. Unless it rains because I don’t want to ruin them.

    The noise cancelling will sure help me at comic conventions. I used to feel like they would be too overwhelming for me to go to but because of my Solitude Headphones I have enough confidence to go. Not even lying about that.

    I used to wear them when I used to do job searching because someone was always crunching or breathing or making weird mouth noises next to me, and people were talking loudly around me. So I used the headphones to block all that out and a fidget spinner to help me focus.

    I plan on buying a pair of Voodoo headphones in the future.

    Shanti Roy on

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