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"Our overview is the Solitude headphones are excellent headphones for cabin use. The quality of sound and noise reduction is excellent...the Solitude headphones for cabin operation, the Solitude headphones were excellent along with very high quality....” – D Young, AA Pilot

"The best thing about Solitude WX1 Headphones is the amazing sound! The sound quality is comparable to brands at much higher price points." – Business Travel Life

"I have several pairs of “travel headphones” but they aren’t all created equally. Trying to find a good pair made me feel like Goldy Locks! One pair had great sound but the headset was too tight and the earphones were too small. Another pair had a flashy, trendy look but the sound was garbage. Luckily, I found the Solitude WX1 which happens to be just right! – Mia, Travel Writer

Listen to active noise cancellation when activated.

Solitude noise cancelling headphones are essential for:

train commuters, air travel, work spaces, classrooms, music and audio pleasure.

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