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My husband and I bought 2 pairs of the XCS2 headphones for our recent trip to Mexico. Not only were these extremely comfortable for the 4 hour flight but were fantastic for eliminating all background noise.

Natalie O

I have been using Solitude noise canceling headphones for many years. My first ones were John Deere labeled noise canceling headphones. For several years I used these headphones while I operated various equipment like medium to large lawn tractors and mowers, string trimmers and leaf blowers. ...I recently purchased a XCS2 pair...The XCS2 is absolutely outstanding....

Richard F.

Got a pair for my son who struggles with loud noises and distractions... He loves these head phones!! We own a pair of BOSE head phones as well ...they are lighter and much more affordable. I would recommend these to anyone- especially parents with small kids!

Jen M.

Both sets of headphones are amazing!!! I thought that my Beats were good!! The noise cancelling of the XCS2's is insane! Definitely give them a look!! Worth every penny!

Kyle Z.

We received the Plane Quiet headphone a few days ago for our son's 14th birthday. These are great! The noise canceling and sound quality is comparable to Bose. (I just can't spend $300 on headphones for my teenager...). These are sturdy and the fold-flat design is easy and convenient... 

Keith G.

We received these headphones for our son who has a hearing loss in 1 ear. We were told he needed to use noise-cancelling headphones to help protect his hearing in his good ear. These are by far the best headphones we have gotten and are priced far less then the leading brand!

Chris E.

Love these headphones! Got them for my son and everyone wants to use them! I am amazed by the quality of these headphones. The have excellent clarity, outstanding noise reduction and are super comfortable. We also own a pair of Beats and these headphones are far superior. They even come in a great case! I would recommend these headphones to anyone!

John M.

I use the noise cancelling feature to get me through noisy and crowded days. I’m autistic so I have super sensitive hearing which can make me feel overwhelmed...I always listen to my music if I’m out and about in the city, if not I just use them as noise cancelling headphones to get me through the crowds.
I use them for gaming too.

Shanti R.

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