About Us

Positive Vibes, Inc. purchased Solitude Design, LLC in June 2016. We are a privately-held, woman-owned business manufacturing premium quality active noise cancelling headphones at an affordable price.

Solitude Design, LLC began manufacturing aviation headsets and cabin noise cancelling headphones in 2004.

The creator and founder of Solitude Design, LLC spent many years in the cockpit of commercial jetliners and knew there had to be a solution to the exhaustion caused by the constant drone of the airplane’s engines. He developed a noise cancelling system that has successfully competed with the major players in the industry. Then in 2015 the patented dual driver system was introduced.

Our active noise cancelling headphones provide exceptional noise cancelling which helps create a more relaxing environment. Use them while traveling by air, train or car! They also provide a quieter, less distracting environment while studying and working in loud office spaces. Noise cancelling can also help a person with any noise sensitivity by reducing unwanted background noise.

Positive Vibes, Inc. continues to evolve and work to provide high quality products.